Mosaic Winter Trees Part 2

Glueing the blue squares down.

Cutting out the tree shape.

Working from light blue to dark blue.

The final piece!

Mosaic Winter Trees Part 1

Pinterest Example

Mixing and painting shades of blue

Cutting the painted paper into strips

Cutting each strip into squares

Next week we will cut out a moon shape and start glueing the squares down on a black piece of paper. The last step will be to draw and cut out an interesting winter tree shape. 

Winter Trees

Mixing the water colors

Before we painted with the water colors we used masking tape to design the trunk and branches of a tree. 

After we finished painting the sky. We carefully lifted off the masking tape and Viola!!

Two color linoleum cut

This week we experimented using an easy two color blending technique. 

private lesson

Copying Matisse - Using canvas, tissue paper and mod lodge.

Two weeks ago, we looked at several Matisse paintings from a wonderful book that I have called Rooms With A View. 

After looking though several different paintings, my student decided on The Studio In Nice (a great choice)! 

Work in progress

The challenge was to really observe and see where each new color started and ended. 

The final piece

Coming up... 2 color linoleum prints! 

private lesson

Still life with oil pastels

Layering colors


Private Lessons

Some nice details

I love the green triangle next to the orange square and blue circle. 

Collage Fun!

The blue shape that she is glueing down is a peacock. 

Mod Podge

Adding words

Tissue Paper Star

Cutting out the word "Funny"

The materials that we worked with were:

Tissue paper

Cut out descriptive magazine words

Mod Podge

White paper 

Colored Sharpies

Combining written words and cut out words

The last thing that we did was cover the entire collage with a layer of Mod Podge. 

private lessons

Gelli Prints - art classes

Here are some materials that we used this week. 

Push Plates (black plastic squares) I ordered these from Blick. 

Gelli Plate


Big swirls and bubble wrap

The top print is the first print. The bottom print is a ghost print. 

art classes

painting, drawing and print making in Pasadena

art lessons in Alhambra

Little Swirls

This print is actually two prints. One on top of the other. 

Descriptive words

So the idea behind this, is to find a few of these words in a magazine and cut them out. Next week we'll collage them onto the prints to make a multi media piece of art. 

private lesson

Watercolor pencils were the medium of choice last week. 

Watercolor pencils on canvas

A bit of detail

The final step

According to Pinterest (My go to source for all things creative). A good way to set the color into the canvas is to use a hot iron with a cloth over the image. 

Colors after using the iron

Next Week....

We are getting back into mono printing! Plus we'll experiment with making one of a kind stencils. 

sky mtn charter school

Blue Spirals

In my example (not shown) they could see a variety a folds and cuts.

3D sculptures using construction paper

The main lesson was to create 3D paper sculptures. We cut out spirals, rolled up big and small tubes. 

Cutting and glueing

More interested in creating free standing paper objects. I wish I had a picture of this to post, but this student cut and pasted together a yellow monocle.

Castle Drawing

After they were done making paper sculptures. They got busy drawing castles.

My kinda castle

Love this color pattern! I would so love to live here. 

Sharpie and paper

I love the attention to detail. This drawing just flowed from his imagination. 

private lesson

Tissue Paper and Mod Podge

Because we are having such a fun time working with the colored tissue paper. I thought let's continue working with the tissue paper, but in a different way. 


Tissue paper 

Mod Podge

Small canvas


Step 1.

Lesson 1

The idea is to layer colors from light to dark. 

What do you think this looks like so far? 

* Send a quick reply. Use the Drop Us A Line button at the bottom of the home page.

*This took about one hour 

It's in the details!

This is the same blue tissue paper, but because she overlapped the pieces certain parts look darker. 

Step 2... Next week

Stay tuned!

Private Lessons

Step 2.

Lesson 2

Have you guessed yet? 

Tissue Paper and Mod Podge Part 2

Last week we only used one color. This week we are going crazy for color! 

One piece at a time

Layer, Layer, Layer


Notice how much darker the colors are!

Building up Texture

Layers of tissue on top of one another create beautiful texture!

Private Lessons - Final step

Step 3

Lesson 3

If you haven't guessed by now. The colors should give you a BIG clue!

Tissue Paper and Mod Podge Part 3

This is the third and last week working on this project. We are using beautiful dark colors like purple and red. 

Focused and working hard

Layers and Details

Voila! The finished piece.

You are at the beach. Looking at a Sunset!

What's hidden in the layers?

Hint: There are four of them. 

Fun ways to use tissue paper

Because we are working on self portraits. And I was looking for a different medium for my student to work in. I found this great activity for a Paul Klee inspired self portrait on Pinterest. Thank you Pinterest!

Tissue Paper Self Portrait

For this method we used tissue paper that bleeds. This lets the color saturate the paper.

* I did have to search for it at Blicks.

The Process

She started out by using a mirror to make a line drawing in pencil. Then she traced her pencil lines in permanent marker. The next step was to erase the pencil lines. I cut squares and rectangles of colored tissue paper and separated them into warm and cool colors. She started out by choosing yellow for her hair. I asked if there where any other colors in her hair? She put brown  over the yellow. Yellow and orange tissue represent her skin tone. Her eyes are a beautiful blue so she chose blue. Finally using red for the mouth.

sky Mountain charter school

This activity was done with the younger group.

Geometric and Organic Shapes

On Wednesday, March 29th I am excited to substitute teach two art class for Sky Mountain Charter School. 

My example

Example that I will show to the class. The activity is to draw ten geometric shapes. Fill the space in between with organic shapes. I found this on Pinterest. Originally this was done in paint, but I decided to use oil pastel because the lesson is only 90 minutes. 

* Not only is this a lesson in geometric and organic shapes it's also a lesson in primary and secondary colors and line. 

Primary colors first then...

Mix two primaries to make a cool secondary color (It's the purple star shape)!

Work in progress

I love the black squiggles inside of the shapes!

My example

My example to show to the class. This is another great Pinterest activity that I am stealing. 

The middle school group got to do this activity. 

Oaxacan Foil Animals

Going over the glue patterns and lines with a Q-tip. 

Cutting around the lines and through the cardboard was a challenge. 

Waiting for the glue to dry

After the glue dried we were able to spray with glue adhesive. This was to help the tinfoil stick to the cardboard. 

Now the fun part!

After adding color with Sharpies. 

The final product! Snaketastic!